A Writer Returning….

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After continuous months of ministering and battling back daily from being hit by an SUV; I write.

Cool thing about it, is that a concept has been chatting away at me for months. However, I struggled with whether or not it should be a novel, or a screenplay. So, after hours of contemplating and several cups of coffee, I decided to finish writing a beat sheet for a .

As a writer with various chronic pain issues and new injuries added, I’m determined. Time for me to let go, trust God, and just have fun telling stories.
That said, I say to all writers….

Freddy Robinson



The Impact

I wonder what he was doing on March 9th, 2016, at 5:35 pm that was so important? I’ve asked myself this question several times a day; because I’ve yet to have the opportunity to ask the driver of the SUV that hit me this very same question.


I was in the middle of the crosswalk and almost home, permitted by the green light and walking 🚶 man symbol. 10 yards away from home…..

Wham!  The preoccupied driver with his important cell phone hit my on my left side, which sent me down to the pavement face first on my right side

The drizzling rain had barely begun to fall; but blood rushed from my mouth, gushing….