The Rebound

“Get the rebound, get the rebound!” My basketball coach often yelled these words in highschool every single time a shot went up. Didn’t matter if we were on offense or defense, he demanded we get the rebound!!!

Years later, my late yet beloved uncle and church pastor, pastor Frank Robinson; touched upon rebounding. During one of his sermons, he talked about how Jordan, Magic, and Bird, got most of the credit for games and championships won, how they scored all those points – amazing! However, he mentioned how “Dennis Rodman, amid his crazy wardrobe antics and such, was an awesome rebounder. ” It’s the rebounders like Rodman who gave Jordan, Bird, Magic, and the rest of their team- 2nd and 3rd chances to score. Or, when on defense, would rebound in order to prevent the opponents from having 2nd and 3rd chances to score more points.

Years later, especially now at this point in my life; Pastor Franks message pounds in my heart and rings in my ears. REBOUND! In this context….rebound in the Lord. Rebound in life! After getting hit by a careless driver, while I was crossing the street on foot, I struggle to rebound. Even in the Lord, God; I literally struggle to rebound! However, I’m alive with no broken bones but major dental work will be done during the rest of 2016 and into 2017; God willing if I live that long. How does one rebound from such an instance, an experience that would otherwise leave one for dead or crippled for life? The pain and PTSD opposes my goals, dreams, and faith…daily; yet I trust God to see me through it all and help me rebound. And not just rebound; but run the plays that will put me in the perfect position to hit the game winning shot! Yes!!!

Yesterday, God led me in leading a young man to Salvation and the blessed opportunity to baptize him in the Holy Spirit. Talk about rebound! Hallelujah and all Glory to God because I am the weakest and least of God’s servants here on earth, as it is in Heaven. God bless and  protect everyone who reads this. Amen.

-Freddy Robinson


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