Calendar Campaign

Looking forward to great results and success with the Calendar Campaign promoting my published books.

My Babydoll and sweet love, Mary Morrow, is so supportive. As is my family.

I hope my fateful journey outlives me…

…and inspires people worldwide.

God bless and prosperous us all to be a blessing to others! Amen.

Freddy Robinson – Author


Calendar Times…

Calendar Times…

Hello everyone,

I’m blessed and thankful to have three of my published books in a 2017 calendar. A simple yet excellent way to advertise and promote my works at several venues, international included.

I’m looking forward to a successful new year, and I hope you are too.

God bless you all…always!

Freddy Robinson


As an emerging author and screenwriter, it gets tough at times; but I refuse to lose. God wants us all to thrive, succeed; so we can be a blessing to others. That said, no matter what adversity life throws at you, stay focused and press on. You were given such talents for reasons and needs greater than yourself.


Freddy Robinson

I just found out the public library is going to purchase copies of my books.