The Impact

I wonder what he was doing on March 9th, 2016, at 5:35 pm that was so important? I’ve asked myself this question several times a day; because I’ve yet to have the opportunity to ask the driver of the SUV that hit me this very same question.


I was in the middle of the crosswalk and almost home, permitted by the green light and walking 🚶 man symbol. 10 yards away from home…..

Wham!  The preoccupied driver with his important cell phone hit my on my left side, which sent me down to the pavement face first on my right side

The drizzling rain had barely begun to fall; but blood rushed from my mouth, gushing….







Freddy’s books on Kindle

I’m blessed to announce that my books are now available in Kindle, as well as print.

The Golden Seeds, The Created (storybook), Comfort Zone: Homeless, 3 Vows (Blood Stained Vow).


Freddy 2017

Freddy 2017

For me, 2016 was filled with pain & recovery, healing & recovery, after being hit by an SUV while crossing the street on foot. Nevertheless, I’m determined to bounce back in 2017; staying true to my creative visions.

I’m blessed to be alive, grateful to God, family, and true friends; Christians and non-Christians alike. We’re all one, bound and created by one with eternal love; not hatred.


Freddy Robinson

The Song in My Heart

​Feels great having just registered the lyrics for my first song…for the first book of The Created series 🙂

As I visualized a scene in my soon to be completed novel, The Created: An Untold Journey, an inspiring song swelled in my heart. The more I added to the novel, during the last seven years; the more I heard the song in my head. Now, the lyrics are finished. 

My goal, to inspire people worldwide to reach deep down inside themselves when times are tough and they lack the strength, courage, to press on.

Keep living, and keep creating…

Freddy Robinson


Calendar Campaign

Looking forward to great results and success with the Calendar Campaign promoting my published books.

My Babydoll and sweet love, Mary Morrow, is so supportive. As is my family.

I hope my fateful journey outlives me…

…and inspires people worldwide.

God bless and prosperous us all to be a blessing to others! Amen.

Freddy Robinson – Author